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Tecglass was formed in 2002 by a group of dynamic professionals who, between them, share an in-depth experience of over 100 years in the glass industry. Since its inception, Tecglass has focused on the decoration of glass by introducing different machine ranges to enhance its beauty, like silkscreen print lines and roller coating lines. In 2006, Tecglass took a leap of innovation and started developing its range of digital printing machines for ceramic inks with the vision of offering its clients fast efficient means of applying graphic designs, photographic images, and a range of decorative imagery directly onto glass.

The success of the company's innovational endeavors resonates in the fact that today Tecglass brand digital printing machines are successfully used all over the world.

Single pass or multi pass digital glass printing machines with ceramic inks for automotive, frameless glass, graphic designs, photographic images and decorative motifs.

Stand alone or continuous digital glass printing machines.

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