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For over 30 years, Atis has specialized in developing and manufacturing pneumatic glass manipulators that allow one person to easily and safely handle large pieces of glass or insulated glass (IG) units. Atis incorporates an innovative approach to their equipment, which is based solely on air, making the movement smooth, precise and effortless. This type of handling equipment reduces labor, as well as the risk of back and other injuries to employees. Glass manipulators also help increase productivity, while reducing product waste, often glass products are damaged while trying to move them. Atis is headquartered in Italy and provides its equipment to Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

Specializing in pneumatic glass manipulators, Atis was formed in 2006. The glass manipulators allow one person to handle precisely  glass or IG units weighing up to 550lb. Its unique system uses only air and allows operators to move the glass with ease. Many customers use their Atis manipulator instead of several employees to reduce labor, back injuries and waste.

Atis has sold their products worldwide with the goal of offering safety, innovation and quality.

Pneumatic Glass Manipulators

Automatic Pneumatic Glass Manipulator

  • Safe and simple to operate

  • Completely pneumatic

  • Safely rated at 550 Lbs

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