Parker was founded in 2003, and features the best team and most stringent manufacturing standards.  Parker has been committed to the global supply of machinery and the best service. Today, with more than 300 employees, Parker Industrial Park covers an area of 70000m2, and Parker has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential window and door machinery and CNC centers.

Parker machinery exports to more than 50 countries and regions, and partners with IGE Glass Technologies in North America.  Parker products include window and door machinery (for aluminum and PVC), aluminum curtain wall processing machinery, and industrial aluminum processing machinery. Parker machinery all passes through the high standards of European CE certification, American UL certification and Canadian CSA certification.

Parker machine core parts procurement achieved internationalization, and established a cooperative partnership with ABB, Omron, Schneider, Optima. PARKER people are always following the core concept of “Parker is developing with the world."

It is Parker peoples’ strict implementation of an ecological system of Parker and of "zero defect" pursuit, which makes the Parker machine meeting a unique global standard while achieving improvement value and sustainable innovation!

Parker machinery leads the era of intelligence and creates the strategy of globalization.

Parker machinery, contributes to the world culture of windows and doors!

Aluminium profile Double Head high speed 3-Axis CNC Machining Center

  • X, Y, Z axis max. positioning speeds can reach up to 56M, 30M, 30M / min.

  • Integrated machine structure of grade Q235A steel

  • Equipped with chain type chip removal system, easy for cleaning

  • Tool magazine adopts KUJI brand , equipped with 16 tools, neighboring tool change speed is 2.5 seconds

  • Servo spindle motor can output max. 23.9Nm during low-speed, speed up to 12000rpm, fully suitable for heavy steel, copper and aluminum profiles

Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling & Milling Machine


  • The machine is suitable for processing varieties of holes and slots for diversified aluminum doors and windows

  • Adopts Italian HSD high-speed motorized spindle to ensure the machine runs steadily with lower noise and better cutting ability

  • The rotary workbench can change the position among -90°、0° and +90° arbitrarily, one time clamping can finish milling for three sides

  • Adopts PA control system from Italy, intelligent CNC control system and straightforward human-computer interface make the operation much more convenient and efficient

Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling & Milling Machine


  • The machine is used for processing varieties holes and slots for diversified aluminium profiles.

  • High precision linear guide pair, ball screw, pinion and rack and imported servo motor to ensure the machine runs steadily with high precision

  • Imported high-speed motorized spindle to ensure the machine runs steadily with lower noise and better cutting ability

  • Vegetable oil microcrystalline cooling system to improve the tool life no poison and no pollution

  • The rotary workbench can change the position among -90°,0° and +90° arbitrarily, one time clamping can finish milling in three sides

High-speed Drilling-milling 3 Axis Processing Center for Curtain Walls

  • Used for window-door, curtain wall, aluminum profile, rail transportation, refrigeration components, bathroom hardware, ship building and ship repair, aluminum bronze accessories, industrial aluminum, nonferrous metal and light section steel structure and other processing for drilling, milling and other list of processing

  • The full set is servo motor control system, and use OMRON brand, technique can make sure quality. Equipped with professional CAM Processing software and intuitive programming system enables easy visualization of complex processing

  • Using large-capacity tool magazine turret from Taiwan enhanced the efficiency of automatic tool changing. The max diameter is 16mm, the min diameter is 4mm, it could process the profile of 20mm

High-speed Drilling-milling 4 Axis Processing Center for Curtain Walls

  • The machine is designed for processing launder, taping, milling, and mounting hole, lock and other slots for diversified curtain walls and aluminum doors and windows

  • It adopts high-speed electric principal axis, which is imported from Italy. It is extremely efficient and can swing in ±90°

  • High-quality computer control system, which is used in industry area specially. The system has favorable user manipulate interface program in graphics mode and processing interface. This processing interface can show related dates directly

  • The cutter storage supply 6 cutters positions, the cutter can change quickly and automatically

3-Axis Arbitrary Angle Cutting Saw With CNC

  • The machine is the most advanced double-head cutting saw

  • The control system adopts the new closed-loop system, and can ensure the accuracy of repeat length

  • The servomotor drives the speed reducer to adjust the cutting angle in 45°-157.5°

  • Several profile processing dimensions can be input one time and make continuous cutting

  • The machine has label printing function (option)

  • The computer can edit the program automatically

  • This machine can locate, scan and transmit the profiles automatically

  • Locate and cut profiles automatically with high precision. Optimize in different aspects

  • Switch cutting angels by CNC

  • Collection the smear metal and small waste profiles automatically

  • Automatically select the cutting stroke, improved efficiency

Aluminium-Alloy & PVC Profile Intelligent Cutting Center with CNC

Aluminum Digital Display Double Mitre Cutting Saw

  • LJZ2S-500X4200 is used for cutting of alu-alloy and wall profile. The imported special hard-metal saw features the high precision and efficiency for cutting alu-alloy doors and windows. And the cutting precision has reached the advanced level in the world

  • The hi-precision main shaft makes the saw stable and the surface smooth

  • The moving heads adopt imported linear bearing motion pair, and they features high precision

  • If CNC system is put in, it can make the cutting much more precise (precision 0.01mm), and the operating more visualized

Alu-door-window Four Corner Automatic Crimping Machine

  • Fuselage of entire machine design scientific, reasonable and steadily. And it welds with square steel pipe with the thickness of 10mm and make products steady when combining the corner

  • Adopt the plunger type large-scale hydraulic pressure station, the pressure stable, offered the pressure well and the noise is low

  • The electrically controlled box independent laying independently. It is convenient, even more is advantageous for the crimping angle quality real-time monitoring. The transmission connection uses the aerospace special-purpose receptacle, safe and stable

Alu-door-window Automatic Feeding Double

Corner Crimping Machine

  • Used for corner punching and riveting combination of aluminium window and door. Two corners connecting at one time is available with high efficiency production

  • Wide profile processing range due to convenient locating and clamping device setting

  • High processing accuracy due to super precision linear motion pair adopted in mobbing parts

  • Hydraulic system supplied large punching and riveting force

  • The double-foot brakes make it operate freely, and the reject lowered. So the efficiency and the precision are increased greatly

  • Feed automatically and operate easily

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