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The technological advancement to the autoclave and autoclave free systems

  • The LAMIPRESS® VARIO combines the energies of overpressure, vacuum and contact heat to form the "flatbed vacuum autoclave" process.

  • With our LAMIPRESS® VARIO we offer you a patented technological leap compared with the conventional processes (autoclave, autoclave-free). Our Laminators  have products manufactured that are certified in accordance with Safety Glass guidelines. We design your future lamination system individually and according to your requirements.

In 2007, managing director Dipl.-Ing. Michael Muschiol founded Fotoverbundglas Marl GmbH, a medium-sized family business.

As a service company for end customers and middlemen, glass products were produced. At that time, the field of activity included the preparatory work for the laminated glass production. Subsequently, the prepared glass packages were externally laminated and sold.

Both the quality and the delivery times of the external suppliers of laminated glass products were not satisfactory. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Muschiol - mechanical engineer and process technician with around 30 years of experience in the glass industry - then developed LAMIPRESS® to solve the problems in his own company and offer his customers better quality.

The LAMIPRESS® therefore solved two elementary problems:

  • Independence from external laminated glass producers

  • Process reliability at the highest quality level

Take advantage of our many years of experience by making our research and development work available to you. 

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