Diamon-Fusion International and IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. have partnered together to bring to market the FuseCube Flex – the easiest, cleanest, safest and least expensive way to apply an easy-to-clean coating.

Like the original FuseCube, the Flex automates the application of the patented Diamon-Fusion coating via a vapor deposition process, allowing glass fabricators to coat thousands of square feet of glass (on both sides) in just an hour.


The FuseCube is the next evolutionary step in low-maintenance coating application technology. Achieve substantial savings and never worry again about backward installations or which side of the glass to coat because it automatically coats both sides and all edges of the glass, guaranteed.

FuseCube - Automatic Hydrophobic Application System

​The Flex model comes in seven different sizes and delivers huge benefits for glass fabricators on multiple levels:

  • Reduces labor costs by up to 99% - see the video to prove it

  • Differentiates your business – offering a coating on both sides of the glass for less than the single-sided price – thus eliminating backward installations, worries associated with coating the wrong side of the glass and the predicament of high turnover rates

  • Reduces safety and regulatory concerns - eliminating risks of handling and spraying coating chemicals within facilities, with a zero-emissions process via a single-use, prepackaged cartridge system

  • Modular to grow as you grow - enabling glass fabricators to help meet new production demands for just a small fraction of the original price – saving them significant costs, time and precious floor space

  • Max UpTime™ Guarantee – providing the fabricator with a 3-year/600 run warranty, redundant systems and free proactive service calls ensuring 24/7 peace of mind

  • Increases throughput by up to 15X – when compared to application by hand

FuseRocket - In-Line, Bilateral CVD Hydrophobic Coating Horizontal Machine

In-Line, Bilateral CVD Hydrophobic Coating Horizontal Machine

  • Designed and built in the USA

  • Diamon-Fusion Application

  • Incredible Speed - Treats up to 57,600 sq.ft. / hour

  • Touch screen operated

  • Treats IG units, shower enclosures and more

  • Adjust for any glass size

  • Enable Single/Double-Sided options

  • No VOC's or exposure 

“Diamon-Fusion®,  has provided a significant marketing advantage in our sales. The industrial application of DFI's unique vapor chamber process has truly no match when it comes to production efficiency, coating consistency and overall quality: by far the best and most cost-effective option in the glass industry today.”

— Bill Marchitello, Business Director  |  Prelco Group

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