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Thermal Plastic Spacer Insulating Glass Production Line

Automated Thermal Plastic Spacer Insulated Glass Lines
  • RETROFIT your existing lines to accept Thermal Plastic Spacer

  • ADD Thermal Plastic Spacer to existing lines

  • Fully Automated Thermal Plastic Spacer Insulated Glass Lines

EKang Tech was formed for the purpose of supplying the world's leading insulating glass producers with the highest quality automated equipment in the world.

In 2008, EKang Tech began developing Thermal Plastic Spacer Technology. Today, we are announcing their success in creating what many believe to be the finest, automated Thermal Plastic Spacer lines available.

Glass manufacturers will experience dramatic productivity gains while reducing material, labor, and inventory costs. No more butyl slugs, desiccant and desiccant filling equipment, no more spacer connecter keys, no more coffins or reels of various size spacer inventory, and no need to continue running a separate frame bending operation. How much waste in discarded connector keys and traditional spacer has your operation experienced due to kinked or wrong sized frames? All that goes away with Ekang Tech and IGE Glass Technologies automated Thermal Plastic Spacer production lines.

What if you want to offer both, the traditional spacer and the Thermal Plastic Spacer from your existing line? No problem! We can RETROFIT your line by taking out sections and replacing them with our "modular retrofit section", keeping your valuable components like the washer, sealing robot, etc. intact.

While we offer all the above, we also supply NEW LINES complete with all types of automated spacer applications. 

Automatic insulated glass production line for gas filled windows. Double or triple sealed glass. Dual press for jumbo glass.

Glass bending and edge sealing.

Ekang's Thermal Plastic Spacer System - TPI SYSTEMTM