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The need for automation and speed in the glass production process has never been so important.


The necessity to reduce production costs, improve safety and optimize profit margins is paramount in today’s competitive market. Glass fabricators are replacing manual functions with automation meeting these objectives and have become a requirement for long-term success.

All functions of the float glass line, stacking, loading, and unloading remain labor intensive, and therefore a key for automation. Glass fabricators are looking for efficient, reliable and cost-effective methods to eliminate bottlenecks in their process.


IGE Glass Technologies is an ideal partner to ensure your automatization of machinery and integration are met.


-Automated Glass Loading and Unloading

-Automated Glass Storage Systems

-Automated Glass Warehousing and Inventory Control

-Automated Glass Cutting lines

-Automated Glass Tempering Furnaces


-Completed automated fabrication lines with the ”Key” of automation including glass sorting, loading, milling, drilling, grinding, edging, and washing systems.


-Line component integration can be added later as your automation, production, and safety requirements grow.


How to achieve automation management throughout the entire process? 

How to reduce human errors and labor cost? 

How to minimize the cost for supply and storage? 

How to achieve standardized production for products with multi-specifications? 

LandGlass smart factory brings you to the future of glass processing!

LandGlass Smart Factory offers intelligent glass tempering to intelligent glass processing lines. LandGlass core expertise in glass processing with industry 4.0 and IOT Technology provide users with complete solutions. We offer intelligent glass processing and full automation.

The composition of the smart factory consist of warehouse management systems. marking and cutting systems, cold processing, glass organizing, glass labeling and insulating/laminating systems.

Contact us for a complete plant layout.

MagicCube™ System

Magic Cube.png
magic cube 2.png

Fast sorting and buffering system

  • Improves the machine efficiency at each process.

  • Smart loading signifyingly increases cutting, fabrication, tempering and through put of the finished product.

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