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IGE’s Manufacturers On Full Display at Glass Processing and Automation Days, IGE Glass Technologies  is presenting:


Tecglass - Digital Printing

Game-changing technology is now available in Digital Ceramic Printing for glass. This technology promises to be a value-added product in the decorative side with Ferrari red and Ferrari yellow (once thought impossible), along with the highest DPI of 1440. Additionally, this new technology will replace silk screen technology of old in the OEM, commercial/architectural, and automotive markets. Can you imagine a production that is superior to screen printing with no screens? Yes, it’s here, and no screens means a reduction in manpower, costly screen, and expensive screen storage space.


DFI - The Evolution of Automating Low-Maintenance Coatings

At the heart of any well-oiled glass fabrication facility there is always one common thread: automated equipment. Accordingly, this session by Diamon-Fusion International (DFI), will examine the growing trend of automating low-maintenance coatings in the industry. As a global developer and manufacturer of easy-to-clean coatings, DFI will look at how these trends in automation have come about, their importance in the digital factory, and which markets are experiencing the most success with it. DFI will also introduce their line of automated machinery being used by glass processors worldwide for the residential and commercial markets.


Turomas - Machinery Data at Disposal for Real-Time Needso

Our presentation will analyze how Industry 4.0—conceived as a new way of interpreting the functioning of the industry using data exploitation provided by the machines themselves—can be applied to the glass industry.

TUROMAS will present the different technologies with which it is working currently: Smart storage, 4TOOL, and TUROMAS Software, which, when combined, give shape to an integral solution for the interpretation and management of data. TUROMAS’ main goal is to achieve a constant adaptation to the manufacturing needs in real-time and a more profitable, customized production according to the needs of each customer.


Forvet - "Lights Out Automation"

This is the goal of all custom glass fabricators. It has been said that there is no such thing as a good day in glass fabrication, only a degree of how bad it is. With that being said, the major problem is with people.

Today and for the foreseeable future, this will be the biggest problem facing our industry. The solution is automation and not just a robot here and there - total automation. With total automation will also come software that maximizes and optimizes production, greatly reduces labor, handling, and waste due to remakes among many other things, while increasing productivity and profits.

From storage through cutting and breaking to pre-processing and tempering/laminated processing. The future is here NOW.


VIG Technology: “Where the window becomes the wall”

Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) technology has been around for years. In fact, a German scientist first patented the idea of a vacuum flask over a hundred years ago. Think of the old Stanley Thermos, which would keep your soup hot until lunchtime or your drinks cold throughout the day. The only difference is we now can use flat SGCC certified tempered and/or heat strengthened glass as the substrates for use in a window or door. The VIG units are hermetically sealed with the air evacuated from the unit, just like the vacuum flask. The VIG units have a metal (non-lead) seal along their perimeter with 0.3mm stainless steel pillars to keep the glass separated, VIG units can vary in thickness from 6.7mm to 12.3mm. These VIG tempered glass units can also be made into a hybrid using the inside glass panel as a VIG with the outside panel comprised of any tinted or Low-E coated glass desired to be fabricated on your IGU line.

The market now has the ability to purchase windows and refrigerator/freezer doors with an 18 R-value as a stand-alone for residential and commercial application. For architectural curtain wall, an R18 center of glass and R10 overall skin can now be a reality. This is really where the window becomes the wall.

It's been said that 40 percent of carbon emissions come from buildings throughout the world today, with the problem getting worse. It has also been said by the US Department Of Energy (DOE), and supported Berkeley Laboratories, that 50 billion dollars of energy go out the window in the USA each year. Besides saving huge amounts of energy and money, comfort is guaranteed. Is VIG the answer to comfort, great energy savings and incredible reduction in carbon emissions? We think so.

LandVac & VIG Technologies has brought the needed inventions to fruition, so as the market sets its sights to the future, it will more clearly see that the future has arrived.

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