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Hans Schick established and developed the branch for Bystronic Glass in China and headed it from 2005 until 2017.

In 2017, Hans Schick Glass Machinery - Swiss Technology was founded. This with the experience and knowledge of customer needs in the field of insulating glass systems.

The insulating glass line is specially designed for the production of double, triple and four glass insulating glass units in almost all shapes, with or without gas filling.
It is quick and simple to position the glass sheets at the inlet. The washing machine and drying zone ensure perfect cleanness of the glass sheets before frame mounting station. The insulating glass line can be equipped with a single or double press. The double press offers the option of selecting between single and tandem operation. The press automatically finalises the assembly before the outlet.

Automatic Insulated Glass Machinery

  • Highest quality available

  • Excellent for low-e soft coats and gas filled units

  • Easy operation utilizing the very best PLC in the industry

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