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LandGlass Technology specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing highly advanced glass tempering furnaces. The company has more than 50 patents in the areas of flat and bent glass tempering, and it continues to advance this technology to meet the increasing demands of today’s glass industry.

Among LandGlass’ accomplishments, the company developed the first bi-directional flat and bent glass tempering furnaces, as well as a jet heating furnace, which provides shorter heating times, higher productivity, and improved flatness and optical quality. LandGlass has shipped hundreds of tempering furnaces to satisfied customers around the world.


LandGlass advanced tempering furnaces are offered also in B, C and E-Bending capabilities and options. 


  • Full top, full top and bottom convection as well as regular and high aspiration

  • bi/ direction flat and bending

  • single or double bay


Cyclone Tempering Glass Furnace

The curved convection design greatly enhances the heating rate.

The optimized deflector improves the furnace heat transfer.

The FlexiReverse technology minimizes stress marks after tempering. Optimal appearance and optical quality is unmatched in the industry.

Dynamically adjusted tempering time, cooling time and blower power to achieve minimum energy consumption in the tempering process.

Ultra Jet

Ultrajet Tempering Glass Furnace

OptiFlow Technology via a splitter in the convector of the heating oven, ensures convection evenness.

Intellegent isoControl Technology provides an upgraded built-in heat control system provides a smooth heating curve.

The Ultrajet dramatically reduces the edge kink defects occurring in the heating chambers.  This feature significantly improves the flatness of the tempered glass.

Jet Convection

Jet Convection Tempering Glass Furnace

High-temperature blowers send the high temperature air evenly to the surface of the glass through the convector box with built-in heating elements.

The flexibility adapted system optimizes the heating curve according to the type, specification and thickness of the glass in order for Low-E glass can be evenly heated as clear glass.

ThermoLock technology greatly increases the heat resistance of the furnace wall and reduces energy loss.

GeniusCool technology allows for improved air pressure distribution for uniform, efficient cooling and tempering result.

 “People always ask us: ‘Why do you keep buying LandGlass furnaces?’
It's simple:
* Outstanding support from IGE and LandGlass
* Outstanding quality of tempered glass especially double and triple silver
* High productivity and fast cycle times.” 

— Randy Steinberg, Owner  |  Glasswerks LA 
— Robert Mastrapa
— Kurt Johnson
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