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Schirmer Machines GmbH is a premium manufacturer of aluminum profile processing centers that has no equals when it comes to flexibility and productivity.  

Schirmer Machines makes customized profile processing solutions possible. These solutions result in innovative concepts. Customers around the world trust in our advanced profile processing technology: Specially tailored profile processing lines that can accomplish more! Simply modular. Simply efficient. Simply Schirmer.

The history of Schirmer Maschinen GmbH begins in 1979 in Sennestadt, Germany. Thorsten Schirmer constructed the first automated profile processing center with a handful of employees. From the very beginning, Schirmer has focused on customized solutions for profile processing. Constant growth and the continual further development of our technological modular system became our recipe for success. In the meantime, Schirmer offers the right solutions. Constantly making new innovations allowed us to develop into a successful company that stands by its word, no matter whether deadlines or technical agreements are concerned. 


  • Servo driven guiding & clamping system

  • Plausibility check --> two dimensional size check

  • Bar code reader

  • Printer - manual or automatic


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Unlike the others, Schirmer has an innovative concept where the profile clamping and guiding is done by servo driven elements. This enables the machine to process virtually any profile without the need of clamping and guiding fixtures thus increases productivity.

Moreover, Schirmer modular system allows an unparalleled customization of the lines based on the customer’s production target. This modular design allows a split of the milling process in different steps achieving an unbeatable productivity



  • Automatic adjustment for different aluminum profiles without operator intervention or lengthy setup time.

Custom Solutions:

  • Tailored machine configuration to optimize production requirements and space availability.

Modular Machine Concept:

  • Combine machine modules to adapt to your machining needs. Options include different machining, cutting, milling, unloading grippers and conveyors.


  • Unlink software interfaces to existing software minimizing costs and operator learning curves.

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