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Starting A New Glass Fabrication Facility?

7 short Tips to follow on the best way for expert glass machinery for glass tempering, glass cutting, glass drilling and milling, and glass processing for best value. Starting a glass fabrication facility from ground up is a very serious project. In order to save you from disaster and help you achieve great success follow these rules. sure your facility has the proper height from floor to ceiling. Yes, height is important. You need this height for the safe and proper glass handling. Safety and efficiency are two very important concerns. With the proper height you will have more options for better glass handling such as overhead cranes and pneumatic glass manipulators. sure you have enough electricity in the building. glass working equipment requires a large amount of electricity especially if you plan on glass tempering as a major part of your business. Be sure that all your machinery has electronic components UL, or CSA equivalent. New buildings get inspected and the last thing you want is a government employee telling you that you must cease and desist. will need compressed air and don't forget the dryer. The size of the compressor will vary depending on the glass equipment and machinery. Be careful and double check all your math. SOUND/ washers and Especially glass tempering quench blowers can be loud. Be sure that your area is ok for industrial sound. If you plan to start up in a residential area check this very carefully. will use water for processing. Be sure you have enough pressure and always plan on recycling your glass processing water. There are several solutions today ranging from chemical filtering to mechanical filtering. Consider maintenance always and the steps involved with each before purchasing. sure your floor has the proper thickness. Some machines are very heavy. Plan for a water collection pit and also water drainage from your process machines. Machines and equipment....buyer you must do your due diligence. Find a line that just focuses on only the glass industry. Be sure their are spare parts and local service. You will need careful support throughout this buying proceed and for your to come. Be sure that your bargain is really a bargain and not the biggest mistake of your life. Buy the best cutting line you can find as without cutting, your factory will be paralyzed. Always, always, always check references and check many.

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