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What a discovery! Recently, my boss, Michael Spellman, the President of IGE Glass Technologies, was visiting a major glass fabricator in the northwestern part of Spain. He found the facility to be one of the finest he has ever seen. The floor was as clean as an operating room floor. Michael inquired about how they filter all their water and that led to the most amazing discovery regarding filtration. This facility uses a system manufactured in Spain by the name of Vitrosep. It is not a centrifuge, not a settling system, and not a filter press. It is a unique patent-pending filter system able to get clean water equal to, or better than, tap water. It is completely automatic and puts out very dry grind waste. In the past, my boss sold centrifuges and filter presses, and even settling systems. But he never felt that they were total solutions. He claims that centrifuges are very expensive to maintain, as they often cost as much as 12k per year in maintenance costs. They have too many moving parts and use too much electricity. Furthermore, they have trouble filtering out the fine particles and often flocculent is needed........he along with most machine people do not like having to use flocculent. The reason they feel this way is due to the difficulty getting a handle on the pH. Once the pH gets up in numbers, the water turns caustic and eats the machines. Michael also feels that the filter press system takes too many man hours and labor to keep it operating well. Lastly, he dislikes settling systems because of how he feels about flocculent.

Last week, Michael visited one of IGE's customers who stated that they had a machine with "a drinking problem". This customer went on to inform Michael that he figured these CNC drilling and milling machines each costs him 16k in water and sewer charges. This new Vitrosep system makes clean water that can run through most machines and CNC work stations. Lastly, Michael was very impressed that the Vitrosep system has no moving parts and is very low to maintain. The best part for him was that it is completely automatic.

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