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Best Glass Fabricating Machinery Buying Tips: Require Sales and Service Support, Available Parts, Re

Spending money on glass fabricating machinery, of any size, is a big decision for your business. Capital expenditures must be carefully thought out; few companies possess the kind of resources to just spend, spend, spend on items that don’t really accomplish what they were intended for. IGE Glass Technologies has provided solutions for the glass fabricating industry for over 20 years, and knows full well the challenges that face buyers in the process of buying glass machinery. Tips for buying glass fabricating machinery: 1) Know who you are buying glass machinery from. Do your sales representatives work from the trunk of their car? Or is there an office with a support staff? Customers need total support during and after the buying process. Buy only from companies that have a physical presence in your continent. Make sure there are several people supporting you from an office that can be contacted directly to speak to a live person. Be certain you will be supported ongoing as you will need this support. 2) Make sure there are factory authorized spare parts for your glass fabricating machinery available from your supplier’s warehouse in North America. When a machine goes down, and it will, a replacement part will solve the problem and get you back up and running 95% of the time. You may need parts next day or sooner. Ask your supplier about “same day parts service” as well. 3) See if they offer local service representation. Do not rely on just the foreign manufacturer’s customer service, for this can be a big mistake. There are time zone concerns, language concerns, internet connection concerns, etc. You need access to qualified, trained technicians in your region that are prepared to assist, either in person or on the phone. 4) Make sure your bargain is really a bargain, and not an expensive mistake. Many times, a perceived bargain can develop into a decision that can destroy a glass fabricator. Don’t be fooled by low sticker prices; verify the story behind the fireside sale. 5) Ask for (and call!) references. Request a list of at least 10 existing customers and call all 10 on the list. Ask these references if a site visit is possible so that you can view the machinery in operation. If possible, travel to see the manufacturing facility with your sales agent because knowing “where it all begins” will provide a good perspective on how the transaction will proceed. Working with experienced glass fabricating machinery suppliers helps ensure the bases are covered. IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. and its group of companies, including IGE Supply Solutions and IGE Service Solutions, were developed over the last three decades to provide solutions to the kinds of important challenges its customers and prospects face during the life cycle of a machine, starting with the process of evaluating and purchasing glass machinery, to the start-up of the machinery, and through the ongoing support of that machine, while also providing the expertise to keep that machine as a profit generating tool for the customer. To consult with experienced glass fabricating equipment experts, visit , email, or telephone at 800-919-7181.

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