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BuildingGreen Announces "tVIG" Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass by VIG Glass Technologies o

BuildingGreen innovative Top 10 product selections improve IAQ, save energy and water, contain fewer hazardous materials, and promote material transparency.

VIG Technologies with LandVac/Landglass is offering the first metal-seal tempered vacuum-insulated glass (VIG). Removing the air from between glazing provides amazing thermal and acoustical performance, but the technology is difficult to manufacture. At only 1/3" thick, the VIG Technologies VIG has a minimum U-value of 0.10 (R-10), with U-0.08 (R-13) possible. The company uses a proprietary edge-sealing technology that works with the tempered glass. Micro-support pillars keep glass surfaces from touching. This VIG comes standard with low-e coatings and can be customized depending on end use and window orientation. The thermal performance of this glazing is equal to standard triple- and quadruple-glazed windows that are almost four inches thick, making it a good choice for retrofits or where space is limited. Manufactured in sizes up to 60" x 98", Tempered VIG will be available from several manufacturers in 2018 and includes the SGCC certification.

For more information on the Top 10 Products of 2018 of BuildingGreen's innovative products, please visit:

For more information on VIG Technologies and tVIG Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass, please visit:

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