Spring Cleaning - Crucial for the Health of your Tempering Furnace | IGE Glass Technologies

Keeping your tempering operation running at peak efficiency is critical and even more so when the busy summer tempering season is just ahead.

Getting your rollers cleaned used to be a major undertaking... but innovation from IGE and the RoboClean system offers major peace of mind.

IGE Glass Technologies knows the investment you've made in your tempering furnace. We also know that you want that oven running at its best.

The automatic ceramic roller cleaning robot for tempering glass furnace- Roboclean allows this to happen. This is a new, fully-automatic machine for cleaning and polishing rollers, developed by Eurotech Way, is a practical, safe, and guaranteed system for cleaning, polishing, and dusting fused silica rollers for glass tempering furnaces.

Positioned inside the furnace at the beginning of the area to be cleaned, the machine is designed to work simultaneously on two rollers. The cleaning head is equipped with an automatic leveling and compensation system, in order to keep adjustable constant pressure over the entire surface of the rollers with any kind of tool.

Key notes:

  • Available for all makes and models of glass tempering furnaces

  • Works on all makes and models of Ceramic Rollers

  • Rotating tools perform cleaning on two rollers per cycle

  • Utilizing a special patented leveling system, the machine levels as it cleans utilizing constant adjustable pressure over the entire surface of the ceramic rollers

  • The machine moves automatically through the furnace after each cycle

  • Automatically cleans, filters and vacuums as it performs

  • PLC operated with easy to use touch screen

  • All electronic components at cULus stamped or compatible

  • Parts & service from IGE Glass Technologies

For more information:

visit www.IGEsolutions.com

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