Comparison on Drill & Mill- Horizontal vs. Vertical

Productivity within the fabrication plant can be affected by the choice of drilling and milling machinery- what is the option- Horizontal or Vertical?

In this study we are comparing the performance of the Forvet Francesca 1250HO available via IGE Glass Technologies and the traditional vertical operation.

The example used was a "Geneva" style cutout which is common in shower door fabrication.

  • 2 holes drilled

  • 2 holes countersink

  • 2 milled cut outs

  • 72” x 28”

  • 10mm thickness

When comparison is complete the results were pointing to the Forvet Francesca 1250HO from IGE Glass Technologies.

In addition our results found that there were other advantages to the Forvet option as well.

  • Able to see fabrication work in progress

  • Fewer moving parts – dramatically higher production

  • Easy to operate and integrate software

  • Less square footage taken (smaller footprint) of valuable facility space

For more details on the Forvet product line please visit

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