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IGE Glass Technologies now offers one of the most innovative washers in the glass industry. With exceptional speed and incredibly quiet operation, the SPEED Washer by IGE comes in various sizes and options to suit every glass fabricator's needs.

Washer picture.png
  • Max. Processing Width: 3000mm

  • Min. Processing Size: 450mm x 450mm

  • Processing thickness: 3-19mm

  • Processing speed 3: 0-12m/min

  • Processing speed 4: 0-15m/min

  • Keeps the cycling water temperature at 135 degrees Fahrenheit for Low-E glass washing

  • Brushes: 3/4 Pairs / Air-knives: 2 or 3 Pairs

  • Power: 90.2 KW (including heating system 40KW)

  • Weight: 6000 KGS

  • Size: 7000 x 4600 x 3000mm

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