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systron GmbH was founded out of necessity, when a glass fabricator asked the owners of the company to come up with a more reliable and maintenance friendly machine to replace what was then considered the best equipment.  The challenge was undertaken by the two, bringing their years of experience servicing the short comings of the glass machine industry and incorporating their mechanical and electrical engineering skills.  The systron product was born, incorporating superior designs, ease of maintenance, reduced tooling, lower operating costs and downtime.


The product line consisting of vertical process solutions and automation, have addressed the most demanding customers’ needs for milling, drilling, grinding and polishing needs. Machine configurations incorporating waterjet, constant grinding, and polishing pressure technology, allowing for a new standard in glass fabrication.


Custom and cost-effective automation solutions have created new ways to minimize manpower and truly have “man-less” machine operation.


The flexible and superior production speeds that each machine provides, have made the systron name the new elite standard in glass fabrication.