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Techni Waterjet

Techni Waterjet

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TECHNI Waterjet glass cutting machines designed for shower door standard cutouts and glass industry specific shapes.

Reliable energy efficient servo intensifier pump with low maintenance. Benefits of reduced electrical and water consumption.

Cutting non tempered glass, laminated glass , bullet proof glass, backsplash, shower doors, mirror and architectural glass.

Offering 3 axis or 5 axis cutting.

Laminated glass, ballistic or blast proof glass, architectural glass,  shower doors, decorative mirrors and backsplashes are easily processed on waterjet glass cutting machines.  

Shape cutting, piercing and hole drilling are no match for waterjets. Cutting complex shapes in thin or thick laminated glass are easily achieved with abrasive waterjets.  No residual stress or clamping of the glass is required, because virtually no lateral loads are applied in the process of cutting or drilling.

Typically, waterjet glass cutting does not require secondary operations such as edging, polishing and breaking, therefore eliminating man power, additional machinery and increasing overall profits. Producing minimal kerf, no tooling required and unlimited shape cutting capability, waterjet glass cutting allows the utmost flexibility in producing quality parts with reduced scrap rates.

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