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Mark Pritikin, President - Creative Mirror and Shower

"Just wanted to send a quick note to acknowledge how professional and proficient the IGE/Turomas team was on our job.  JP, Marco, Roger, and Oriol were all top notch technicians.  We appreciated their attention to detail and commend them on a job well done.  Also, appreciate the office and sales staff responsiveness with our thanks to Manny, Jeff, Giovanni, and Jennifer."

Ivan Martintoni

We are extremely happy with our RoboClean.

We cleaned two out of the three furnaces.. the small one was extremely dirty… the rollers had Low-e silver coating on them as our operator ran some Low-e glass upside down inside the furnace.

It took several passes but it got them clean, something I thought would not be possible.

Enrico was excellent in teaching and assisting our operators…


Link McIntosh

Mr. Song, the LandGlass technician exceeded our expectations. He was professional, courteous, and an absolute expert on the theory of tempering glass. His demeanor and great sense of humor made him an absolute pleasure to be around; American Glass thoroughly enjoyed his company."

Copy Of -Randy Steinberg, Owner — Robert Mastrapa

“People always ask us: ‘Why do you keep buying LandGlass furnaces?’
It's simple:
* Outstanding support from IGE and LandGlass
* Outstanding quality of tempered glass especially double and triple silver
* High productivity and fast cycle times.”

Tom Foster

I have been in the glass business for 37 years. I've heard salesmen tell my boss that they have the "key to glass grinding removal" so often that I lost count.  Every salesman was right to a certain degree, but at what cost? Many of these ideas came with an additional cost for flocculants, acid additives, powders, mixers, shakers, settling tanks, filters, frequent rebuilds, and a whole lot of frustration. Some of these ideas created more down-time than just cleaning a tank in the first place. Every time a new idea came through the door, we would listen and smile at each other,  both of us thinking, "Here we go again!"  My company was recently bought, and now I am the guy that these salesmen talk to when they come in.  I humor them, and ask all the questions that I already know the answers to... until I met Michael Spellman from IGE and Josep Sais from Vitrosep. He answered my questions with: "You must see, I do not have to tell you how good my product is. You must see."  So after our meeting, we made arrangements to see several glass companies in Spain that were using his system.  My eyes were opened.  The simple phrase "You must see,"  spoke volumes.  Every plant that we visited had no tanks that had to be cleaned.  I did not see one machine down because of clogged water lines. The owners that I spoke with were very pleased because their men were producing product and not wasting time cleaning grindings or unnecessary maintenance. The savings that I have realized  include:

* longer wheel life
* interior rubbers on the machines that do not get sediment build-up
* presser pads that clean off with a rag (not an abrasive cloth)   
* no down time or frustration with employees taking their sweet time cleaning the tanks
* no corrosive metal flacking
* no pH balancing

I could go on and on. We are truly very happy with Josep's product and would buy it again without question.  The most time in a day that I spend with this water treatment system is about 30 minutes combined, from start up in the morning, to shut down at night, including checking the monitor and emptying my grindings hopper when needed.  Josep sets it up and it runs. It is  that simple. As Vitrosep's distributor, IGE Glass Technologies is only a phone call away and always ready to help.

Pierre Portman, Owner

“The Landglass Furnace exceeded our expectations! Tempering time and glass quality are fantastic. The whole experience  (consultation, installation and training) with IGE and Landglass has been a pleasure and showed true professionalism. We are proud to own one of the best Tempering systems available.”

Jim Arnold, President

“Our experience with Landglass and the IGE team have been exceptional.  Tempering high end high quality glass is our core mission, and Landglass tempering Technology has not disappointed.  They have gone above and beyond to assure that they met our high expectations”

Chris Sezonov, Owner

“We have been very, very pleased with our LandGlass furnace.  The quality of the glass has been superb.  Our customers often tell us we produce the best tempered glass in Houston.  Downtime has been close to zero as well.  We will definitely be buying another LandGlass furnace as we continue to expand our business.”

Arthur Berkowitz, Owner

“The equipment was delivered and installed on time.  The Landglass design and construction is very robust.  The quality of the glass it's able to produce has exceeded our expectations and quality requirements, in flatness and minimal roller mark distortion”

Chris Angier, Production Manager

“Glazing Concepts could not have made a better choice with the purchase of our LandGlass Furnace. The quality and ease of use, along with the support after purchase has been top notch. If we had to do it all over again we would definitely use IGE Glass Technologies and LandGlass.”

Eric Reeder, President

“I wanted to drop you a short note to thank IGE Glass Technologies for your efforts in handling the sale and installation of our new LandGlass tempering oven.   The LandGlass technicians were both professional and efficient setting up the oven in a timely manner. Custom Glass Products, Inc. (CGP) is already running production and the glass looks great.   CGP would highly recommend IGE Glass Technologies and LandGlass as their tempering solution.   Thanks again,     Eric Reeder President Custom Glass Products, Inc.”

Chris Sezonov

“After we made the decision to invest in a tempering furnace, we researched many manufacturers, in order to ensure we made the right decision for our business needs.  We ultimately decided to work with IGE and purchase a LandGlass furnace.  The professional approach and product knowledge is what separated IGE from the rest.  The value and capabilities of the LandGlass furnace was an obvious factor as well.  We couldn’t have been more satisfied – from the early purchasing stages all the way to training.  I would highly recommend IGE and LandGlass to any owner/manager considering a glass tempering furnace for their business.”

Laura & David Tofinchio

LandGlass produces a quality and efficient furnace. Their technicians are excellent, their customer service is responsive and their sales people are very professional.”

David Hudgings, Fabrication Manager

“As far as the Denver DIGIT, we are very happy with the performance of the machine. It is extremely easy to use and the quality of the end Product is more then accurate and efficient then our current manual shape machine. We ware also very happy with the technical assistance we Received from Juan (IGE Glass Technology Technician) and Omar (Denver Technician) during the machine install and operator training.”

Pierre Portman, Owner

“The Turomas cutting table proves that not every cutting table is the same. The Turomas cutting table is not just fast, accurate and precise, but it's also very easy to use. The whole process from date of order to the final training has been a pleasure. Thank you IGE and Turomas for fantastic glass equipment that will help our fabrication process and speed up our production.”

Chris Mammen, Owner

“ I want to thank you (Michael Spellman) and commend your IGE team.  From the moment I requested help Friday night, their response was excellent.  JP was on the job immediately, despite being at a wedding.  Giovanni and Raul, and of course Manny, all were a huge help Friday night (and through this morning, as well).  Please share my appreciation with them, but I wanted to make sure you knew what a great job they did. Our system is now working correctly.  We are looking forward to Tecnocat’s visit in a few weeks to go through everything.  ”

Chip Rogers

“It was great to meet you at the GPAD Conference. Josh and I had a GREAT TIME and we met a lot of great people and saw/learned about  some very interesting equipment. I can’t stop dreaming about “The Game Changer” from Forvet! We are interested in learning more about the line of Forvet Machines. We are currently in the market for a new CNC machine and are VERY INTERESTED in the Forvet line. Thanks again for everything in New Orleans.”

Ralph Sabato

“Thanks again for your help with our Lammy Can.  We are producing orders daily with great results.  Again, a special thank you to Mr. Tang who did an excellent job getting us set up and trained”

Jason Pratt

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the services provided by IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. As a key business partner to Agalite, IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. has been as essential part of our success.   The IGE’s team, including owners, salespeople and support staff conducts themselves with honesty and integrity. The team is highly customer focused and everything they do revolves around customer satisfaction. Their dedication is astounding.   The Service department is quick to respond to our needs. Equipment downtime is kept to a minimum because of IGE’s efforts.   We look forward working with IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. as both our businesses continue to grow, diversify and expand for years to come.”

Jeff Shumway

“My guys on the plant say the MINI MAX DRILL BITS are the best they ever used. We are not even thinking to change them for any other products out there”

Chris Mammen

“ We could not be happier with our decision to install a Turomas jumbo glass cutting system from IGE Glass Technologies.  The equipment has performed even better than expected, and the staff from Turomas and IGE took care of business every step of the way.  Our business is already benefiting from the equipment, and I can recommend it without reservation.  ”


Jan Wyatt

“I knew they were better than anything we ever used before from the first minute of production. A much cleaner hole, quiet and with dramatically additional life than with traditional bits. I am very happy with my decision to try these Mini Max tools from IGE!........”

Chris Angier

IGE's technician Mr. Tang was simply the best tech we have ever had in our facility, in all manners. Very knowledgeable, helpful and very well spoken !”

Gerald Van Gogh

“We worked with IGE to get parts we required [during the service] and IGE was most helpful and professional.”

Patrick Herriman

“I have been testing the Mini-max diamond drills over the last few days and I must say, the guys on the floor and myself are very impressed with what we have seen.  We have easily increased our drilling speed on our horizontal CNC machine by 300%.  This is looking very favorable.   I am definitely leaning towards a full switch over to this product. ”

Dave Lehman

“Great experience, great quality and great value. I am happy with our decision to purchase a Landglass furnace.”

Alex Kastainiuk

“While I only use MiniMax for my cnc, the EconoMax works great on my standard drill. The price is very good and the results are excellent. We running a bit faster with much better hole quality......”

Tom Basile

“First class quality and support; add IGE to the equation and you have excellence.”

Ed Rohllf, Maintenance Manager

“The MiniMax drill bits gives us the cleanest hole we have seen...... Breakage in our furnace reduced. QC is impressed with the quality of our holes. We are very pleased with these tools”

Alex Kastaniuk

“Both IGE and Landglass performed above what I expected. They had me up and running very quickly.”

Eli Bavarski

“I would not use another drill bit"..... "The MiniMax work great and cost much less than the other ones we used in the past”

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